Generate 10-15 High quality buyer Or Listing Leads per week for Your Real Estate Business... on autopilot!

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"Keeping Your Pipeline Full is the only way to run a Sustainable Real Estate Business"

The Real Estate Chase Cycle


  •  You struggle to generate high-quality leads 
  •  You call your leads and they never pick up
  •  You rely solely on referrals & word-of-mouth as a source of income
  •  You're tired of cold calling and going door-to-door
  •  You're tired of overpaying for recycled Zillow & Realtor.com leads
  •  You're tired of posting billboard ads, printing fliers & sending mailers with no measurable ROI
  •  You're standing for hours on end waiting for someone to show up to an open house while "just looking"
  •  The compounding effects of these missed opportunities are increasingly hurting your business

Stop chasing clients & have them organically come to you

​We solve the problem of prospecting by implementing a done-for-you inbound marketing strategy that consistently fills your sales pipeline on autopilot. This means, shifting your focus from chasing clients to attracting clients, so that you can finally spend more time building real relationships and closing deals.

 Home-Buyer Leads Funnel

Listing Leads Funnel

Property Listing/Open House Funnel

Our Lead Generation Campaign Results

Through multiple tests and optimization, we have achieved an average cost-per-lead of under $2.

what sets us apart From other agencies?

There is no value in a bunch of low-cost leads without an effective follow-up system. We have systems in place to help you succeed. 

We Provide A Dedicated CRM

Other agencies deliver leads via text, email or google-sheet that can easily get overlooked or simply lost. During our onboarding procedure, we provide you with your very own CRM software called LeadOwl. This will this allow you to manage your leads in a more convenient and systematized manner, as well as provide real-time push notifications for all new leads. Already have your own CRM? Great! We can integrate your Facebook lead form directly into your existing CRM, simply by using your API keys.

We Qualify Each Lead By Building A Messenger Bot

Ready to drive higher-intent leads without constantly worrying about the follow up? We can warm up your leads for you, find out key information about their needs, and even book meetings for you on autopilot 24/7. Your new leads will be greeted with an immediate & interactive experience via Facebook messenger. 

How does this whole thing work?


Joining Our Service

Set an appointment with us using the calendar below. We will have a quick 30 minute chat to see if we may be a good fit to help you create a sustainable lead generation system for your real estate business. 


The Onboarding Procedure

Once our strategy is confirmed, you will immediately receive an on-boarding packet via email. This will include a detailed questionnaire about your business, a few steps we need you to take in order to manage your Facebook page, and direct message access to your campaign manager.


Kicking-Off Your Campaign

We will build your campaign from start to finish and have it running within 7-10 days.


Managing Your Leads

We continuously optimize your campaign to achieve the lowest cost-per-lead and ensure that you always have a sustainable flow of new clients to talk to each month.


If you use this service for a month within the recommended ad spend, and our campaigns are unable to provide you with at least 30 leads, just send us a message and we'll refund your money, no questions asked.

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your Business is in the hands of the best.

Blueprint certification is Facebook’s credentialing program for digital advertising professionals who demonstrate advanced proficiency in Facebook marketing.

You deserve to run your business with confidence. Your campaign manager possesses advanced competency in the skills, tools, advertising policies & best practices required to design an end-to-end Facebook & Instagram marketing strategy that aligns to business goals and complements a holistic marketing plan.


We've worked with agents & teams from:

Vince K.

I'm going to have to shut this thing off! 11 leads to follow up on in just over 48 hours! The thing that's really surprising is that they aren't just dead end leads. I've set meetings this next week with 3 of them and working on scheduling with 2 others. That's almost half of the 11 leads that have generated face to face meetings!! Best marketing decision I have ever made!

Carol P.

Vica created a social media campaign for my real estate business that generated over 100 potential clients for me. They were professional, responsive and diligent throughout the process. I look forward to continuing to work with them in the future and highly recommend them if you're looking for assistance with growing your real estate business. 

Garrison M.

PSA!! Last month I made over $30,000 in my Real Estate business!! Want to know my little secret... It's all thanks to Vica Marketing and their systems of generating leads coupled with their killer follow-ups. For all my Real Estate buddies on here, contact them asap. THEIR STUFF WORKS.

Rebecca O.

23 leads in 5 days. 3 are fully engaged and working on the rest of the leads. I love it---going to get IG more active also. Thanks!! Will keep you posted.


We're here to put your mind at ease.

Is ad-spend included in your pricing?

What is a Facebook Pixel and do I need one?

How long does it take for ads to start working?

Who is this service for?

What exactly does your management include?

What is the value of a service like this?

What sets us apart from other agencies?

What kind of ads do you run exactly?

How will you access my account?

How will this change my day-to-day life?

Meet Your New Marketing Team.

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Sam L.

Creative Director

Branden M.

Project Coordinator

Chase G.

Chief Ad Strategist

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Head Web Developer

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Head Writer

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Digital Consultant

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