The 4-Step System That Consistently Generates 5-10 New Listing/Seller Leads Per Week On Autopilot.


Branden Mathew | Founder of Vica Agency

I have seen it time and time again.

I'll be speaking with an estate agent and I'll simply ask them "So how's business been for you guys this summer? How are you going about growing and generating new listing for your estate agency"

For some reason they always reply back a little bit startled, then proceed to tell me they are implementing some sort of unpredictable, non-measurable and non-trackable method of how they are going about generating new seller leads for their business.

These rage from "referrals" to "through my network" (whatever that means), to "we get listing from the local area, when people walk-in to our office"

Some even tell me how they are still using the old school methods such as; cold calling, cold emailing, prospecting, waiting on expired listings, going after FSBO's, relying on open houses and even direct postage mailing/leafletting!

The list goes on... But for those who can see that these methods are very unpredictable, non-measurable and NOT a reliable way you should be running your business, this article is for you.

I'll be breaking down, in-depth how you can replicate a simple 4-step system that consistently generates 5-10 high quality listing & buyer leads per week.

Here's a quick little back ground story for those who don't know me: I've been working with an associate out in the US for a while now and I've had the pleasure of learning directly from a person who runs a multi 7-figure Advertising Agency that specializes in helping estate agents specifically to scale their business.

He is a true genius when it comes to his craft and has now worked with over 5,100 different realtors.

He's also been able to pull-in over 30,000 leads for these realtors over the last 2-3 years. So rest assured he knows a little something about this whole "marketing business" and thus, I want to share with you all what I have learnt from him.

Again, I'll be breaking down a 4-step CPR (Clear Process to Revenue) system that has worked numerous time for me and my associate to generate 5-10 new high quality listing leads a week on average!

It all starts at the far left, I call this the 'Creating your perfect audience stage'. I'll break this down in a second but first let me cover a very important point...

You see, when it comes to running Facebook Ads or using Social Media for their business, here's what most estate agents do. They "try to fix the car themselves"

This is a little metaphor I have for what I've been seeing throughout the industry recently.

Here's what I mean by that - Let me ask you a simple question, when your car isn't quite operating correctly and is breaking down slowly... Do you try to fix the car yourself or do you simply take it to a garage full of professionals who know what they are doing to get it fixed?

If you answered the latter, here is another question for you...

When your marketing strategies aren't working how you hoped they would for your business and you're seeing little to no results, do you try to fix them yourselves or do you seek professional advice?

You see, most estate agents are doing this:

They know that this "social media thing" is important for the growth and survival of their business and so they go attempt it themselves or just get a team member to do it for them.

I mean it's only social media right? How hard can it be?...

They proceed to throw up a couple of pieces of content, some even click the 'boost post' button and put some sort of budget behind their content (Don't do this by the way, this is definitely not a good strategy!).

Their attempts turnout to be a complete waste of time and/or money and then they go on to claim "social media marketing doesn't work", "Social media is only for watching cat video and for Taylor swift video, it's not for real business" or they claim "Facebook ads don't work for the real estate industry" Etc.

They then never go back to attempting these platforms again. Not seriously anyway.

However, I'm here to tell you that these statements are far from the truth... Very far.

So let's get back to step 1 of the 4-step CPR system.

Step 1: 'Creating your perfect audience stage':

First of all, you must understand that Facebook has been going through massive changes recently, especially with its algorithm.

I'm sure you've all seen the news regarding Facebook and the data scandals and as of right now, for the real estate industry, Facebook has to comply with certain discriminatory rules.

As of writing this, there no longer exists gender targeting, age demographic targeting, income targeting. A whole bunch of targeting options have been removed from the Advertising platform.

So what does this mean?

It means you are either going to have to use an existing customer email list of your past clients (if you have one) to create a "lookalike audience" within Facebook's business manager or you will have to build your own perfect audience by "buying data".

At my agency, Vica Agency, instead of freaking out about these changes, we embraced them.

We did this because we know that all the of the "half-decent" Ad Agencies will struggle to adapt to these changes, giving us less competition. We understand that those who can't adapt to environmental changes die out and go extinct. (Think Blobkbusters and Netflix as an example of lack of adaptability).

When it came to the changes, we didn't even bat an eye. We found the solution within a matter of minutes and remained cool as the new changes rolled out.

We found that, now, you have to craft your own perfect audience and you can do this very easily and cheaply, by running very simply 1-minute long video Ads to the local area.

These video Ads allow you to create a "custom audience" of all the people who have stopped to watch a certain percentage of the video Ad. We can the retarget these people as they are now considered "warm traffic".

Reason being is that they have voluntarily stopped to watched your video Ad for a prolonged amount of time.

I'm not too sure if you've noticed but we now live in what you call a "microwave society" where our attention spans are forever decreasing due to the increase in stimuli and our attention spans are becoming even worse than those of gold fish!

So if you can capture and retain somebodies attention for more than 30 seconds in todays age, they are literally putting their hand up at that point and saying "hey, I'm interested".

This brings us on to step number 2.

Step number 2: 'Targeting your perfect audience'

So now that we have a "custom audience" of interested people built we can then re-target them with a secondary ad. This can be a simple image ad.

You have options here, you can retarget all the people who have;

  1. Watched a certain percentage of the initial video Ad
  2. Engaged with that initial video Ad
  3. Clicked on the Ad and have been taken to your Website and/or your Landing page. (Landing page explained in next step)

Retargeting these people with a secondary Ad is where the money is at as these people have already shown some sort of interest to what you have to say previously. In simple terms they are no longer a "cold audience".

Step 3: 'The exchange of value'

When retargeting your perfect audience you want to offer them something that has a high perceived value. Give them an offer they can't refuse or get elsewhere.

Most estate agents at this point just copy each other and have no differentiation whatsoever.

They go and offer a "free home valuation" like the thousands of other estate agents across the country.

Don't get me wrong this still works, but what works even better is providing people with a free downloadable PDF guide of some sort. Which is know as a "Lead Generation Magnet" (See example below).

There's many great reasons as to why you'd want to use a Lead Gen' Magnet but here's 2;

  1. They offer something of real value and thus cause people to enter their correct details such as their email and phone number in-order to receive their free copy of the guide. (No more bogus information)
  2. They pre-qualify the leads for you automatically. Think about it, would you honestly stop your scrolling on your favourite social media platform to download a free PDF guide entitled "7 expert tips to help increase your homes value" if you didn't own a home you was looking to sell soon?... Yeah me neither.

Here's a pro tip: Use a Landing Page, like the one below, to collect your leads details as websites have a terribly low conversion rate of around 1%.

Meaning if you run Ads on Facebook and drive people to your estate agency's website homepage, out of every 100 people who click your Ad and visit your homepage, only around 1 person will become a new lead.

Whereas Landing pages have a much higher conversion rate of around 5-30+% (depending on how well you are at optimizing them)

So for every 100 people who click your Ad and get taken to the landing page you'll receive 5-30x more leads that previously!

If that sounds too good to be true, please feel free to check out my video comparing how the average estate agency website performs against a landing page and how my own personal landing page is seeing a 70% conversion rate.

Now, when people reach your landing page from your Ad, they are not distracted by all the navigational buttons, menu bars and other irrelevant content on your site and thus this increases your conversion rate.

When people enter their details they are then automatically put into emailing drip sequences. (The PDF guide is also sent to them instantaneously via their email) and voila! You are now collecting high-quality leads for your estate agency the correct way. Which, by the way, takes us to the last step in the 4-step system.

Step 4: Nurturing your leads:

When it comes to nurturing your leads and the real estate industry as a whole. Follow up's are extremely important, we all know that!

What you want to build is a system that automatically follows up for you. You can do this the traditional way, which is to build-out a email campaign that sends pre-built emails to your list. The only problem being is that email can be really ineffective.

You can, of course, immediately call the new leads as they come in, which I highly recommend you do and I also highly recommend you do this within the first 15 minutes of the person becoming a new lead of yours, as the longer you wait the less chance you have to move them forward through your sales process.

Or you can use an even better way... Facebook A.I messenger Bots.

This is the new-age of technology.

In simple terms, they are interactive bots that replicate and act as real humans and they are extremely powerful:

They can respond to people who have messaged your business page on Facebook or who have clicked on an Ad that puts them into your bot sequence allowing them to have a full-blown 1-on-1 conversation with a warm lead for you based on pre-built responses you can create ahead of time. They can even respond according to what the person on the other-end is enquiring about and what they are responding back with.

Bots can automate your lead nurturing for you. They can ask certain, set pre-qualifying questions such as "how soon are you looking to move" then they can present clickable options to the person they are speaking to such as "ASAP", "1-3 Months", "6 Month +" and again, based on the response of the person the Bot will respond back with an appropriate message.

So let's say someone clicks and submits the "ASAP" button to the Bot. The bot could then ask further details and if the person on the other-end seems like a good fit for you. The bot will set-up a call for you with this person based upon the available dates in your calendar as the bot can sync with your favourite calendar software.

This really takes a lot of time and effort off your hands. Not only that but bots see an average of 80% open rates and 25% click through rates so they are destroying Email by a very long shot.

Which that being said, I have put together a free case study video detailing how you can go about replicating such a system for your business which you can watch here: 

If you have any question or would like to speak with me directly you can simply  book a discovery call with me here: ​Discovery Meeting

Wishing you all the best with your business,

Branden Mathew

CEO of Vica Agency

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